16. April 2024

Local work on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in three different places in the World: Manila-Zambales in the Philippines, and Furesø/Herlev Copenhagen-Kinshasa,

Denmark-DR.Congo, and in Kyiv – SDG Hub in Ukraine.

Association for World Education’ UN-Committee members invite you to a fine session:

Content, Educational Aim, and Goals:

YOU can expect an exploration of how members are working hard with different local obstacles and possibilities to obtain and include the 17 Goals in practice, in their volunteer work to make their local World & Community a better place.

The organization and the three introductions in this session have been created with inspiration and influence of the coming UN CSO, Civil Society Organisations Conference In Nairobi, Kenya 11/10 May. It is a stepping stone to the coming Pact for the Future event, in September 2024.

  • A clear message and objective is: Our work happens now in a global hopeful atmosphere that it

matters what WE and YOU do wherever you are living. Another objective of this Session is ‘to provide a platform for Civil Society to share ideas and learn from each other in the common pursuit of solving problems’.

  • In the current work on contributions for the UN CSO Conference in Kenya, you will find demand and a focus on at least three main categories: be Inclusive, Impactful, and Innovative. So showcases, what you are doing, and going to deliver to the world and UN must cover these three categories. We are trying our best to focus on similarities in our work for AWE and in the three following presentations.

The session includes a Q&A and a final Resume.

date: Saturday 27 April 2024

time: 8.00 am New York, 9.00 am Brasilia, 2.00 pm Copenhagen/Kinshasa, 8.00 pm Manila duration of 90 minutes



Introduction by The Co-Presidents and Moderators of AWE, Association for World Education Main speakers: members of the AWE UN-Committee:

Gina Nzeba Hagebro, Denmark- DR.Congo, May Cinco, the Philippines, Igor Folvarochnyi, Ukraine May will be speaking with Epang Domulot-Balbin and Gina with Kim Henriksen.

Moderators: Vice Presidents of AWE, Alla Nazarova, Belgium & Rex O. Schade, Denmark Facilitator:                      Director Jakob Erle, IAED, International Academy of Education and Democracy Summary at end of the session: Vice President Sujit Paul Kakali, India.

The full program, including the main speaker’s summary, and written introduction, is attached to the Invitation, Monday 15. April. Time to register now, sender Rex O. Schade, Vice President, UN-C Chair.

Association for World Education, AWE is

An NGO with consultative status to the UN ECOSOC since 1975.

Aligned with the UN GC CS-Unit since 2011,

United Nations Global Communication Civil Society Organisation’s Unit, & GNEC.