Seminar Mitraniketan 29. January – 4. February 2012

World Education for XXI Century Enlightenment

MITRANIKETAN, Kerala INDIA   29.January – 4.February 2012

 Arranged by Association for World Education (AWE) and Mitraniketan

 What is the state of human growth and evolution in the early years of this 21st Century?  What is called for from our beings to step into this new era? What kind of education can support this development? This two-part AWE Seminar is designed to examine these questions through an in-depth dialogue with educators from around the world, with special attention to the circumstances and experience in Kerala, India.

AWE educators invite their members and colleagues to join this working seminar to explore our perspectives on opportunities for enlightenment, along with our best practices for creating whole, world- centric human beings. Our dialogue and research will center around the following questions: 

  • What is Enlightenment for the 21st Century?
  • What are the opportunities for uncovering and nurturing enlightenment?
  • What is an enlightened teacher for the 21st century?

 It is our goal to better define our AWE common ground on the essential questions listed above.

 Special Seminar: Life Enlightenment through World Education

 A special two-day event will include regional (India) educators, community  leaders, and students for presentations and dialogue focusing on Indian perspectives on world education.

Themes for this seminar include: Personal enlightenment of teachers; Global Networking for educators; New technology and social media as a new challenge in pedagogical work.


Price: $600 (US) – AWE members $450 (US). Includes:  Lodging: in the Mitraniketan guesthouse: The Guesthouse is a basic facility with cots, beds, table, chair, fan, Indian toilets. Double rooms have shared toilets. Those with special needs requiring a single room are asked to send a special request. Meals:  Indian breakfast, lunch & dinner at 8am, 1.00, & 7 pm. (Dinner Wednesday evening is not included.) Transportation: Transportation from Trivandrum (airport) to Mitraniketan and return.

To Register, contact Rikke Schultz, Landevejen 6, DK 5683 Haarby. E-mail:

 MITRANIKETAN is an experimental non-profit social and educational project, founded by K.Viswanathan in the state of Kerala (south India). The organization focuses on alternative education methods for education and development.

 Association for World Education (AWE) is an international NGO with consultative status in the United Nations and with more than 20 chapters across the world. AWE works primarily in the areas of Education, Democracy and Human Rights.

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